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Winter Contingency BOB?

What you are seeing above is a video of a stuck Banshee that is constantly boosting on the mission Winter Contingency. The video was found here on Some say it's a BOB Banshee, some say it's simply a stuck Banshee, but I'm going to break it down and figure out what it really is.

I've seen stuck Banshees before. On the mission "Tip of the Spear", at the point where you have a battle with a Zealot Elite which yields you an achievement for killing him, there is an enclosed areas where if you are lucky enough, a Banshee will get stuck and keep flying. This Banshee, when stuck, doesn't boost.

BOB Banshees boost non-stop and never stop boosting. This Banshee is doing exactly that. BOB Banshees come into the level, and then leave quickly. This Banshee does exactly this. In the video, if you notice, once the Banshee gets unstuck it takes right off into the sky, never resting to boost. This is a big indicator of it being a BOB Banshee.

At this point in the level there are no real weapons to take this Banshee out except for a pistol, an AR, and a Plasma pistol if you pick one up. This isn't taking into consideration of the other weapons scattered throughout the mission. Either way, maybe this Banshee is made to get stuck to give us a good chance at destroying it.

I suggest that everyone plays Winter Contingency at some point within the week and see if they can find this Banshee again and post back their results.

If you get video of this BOB Banshee leave videos / replies in the comments. Good luck guys!


  1. sam mcculloch said...:

    cool can y pleas tell me if their is anything y have to do to get it here if y no what i mean

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