Do you search for Easter Eggs?


 After many people bringing up the same questions over and over, and the same ideas over and over, I decided to take some time and write up a small FAQ regarding the BOB's.

Q: At the beginning of Winter Contingency I saw an invisible Elite running away! Was this a BOB?

A: No, this is not a BOB. This Elite when killed gives you no BOB medal, and if you pay attention when you kill this Elite, it drops a Data Pad. This is the first Data Pad that is to be found in the game. Elites that usually go invisible are Spec OP Elites, and this is what this Elite is. It's as simple as that.

Q: What if you hi-jack a BOB Banshee and then kill the BOB that is pulled out! This would get you the medal for that BOB!

A: This doesn't work. Upon hi-jacking these Banshees you literally pull nothing out of them. One of the only levels you can actually hi-jack a Banshee on is New Alexandria, and the Banshees for the most part are empty. The BOB Banshees on Exodus cannot be hi-jacked either. Hi-jacking these Banshees does nothing, and upon killing them, you don't get the BOB medal, but these Banshees do count as BOBs due to the fact that there was a daily challenge called Golden Tree City, asking us to kill the BOB in a Banshee on New Alexandria flying fast and low.

Q: Maybe you need 77 BOB medal or 777 or 7777?

A: No, obtaining any amount of BOB medal does nothing. People have over 100 unqie BOB medals and nothing has happened. It's safe to assume that getting 777 won't do anything.

Q: Can Brutes act as BOBs?

A: No, Brutes cannot act as BOB's. There has never been one Brute found that is "different" looking and act as the BOB's do. No Brute kill has ever yeilded the BOB medal, so searching for Brute BOB's is a waste of time.

Q: On Sword Base I saw a white Elite that uses random armor and duel weilds Plasma Rifles! Is this a BOB?

A: Yes, this is the BOB for this level. ONI has this BOB spawn inside of the ONI Building at the end of the mission and in the courtyard at the end of the mission. This is the only BOB ever found that is not traditionally golden and a ranger. Due to this being the second level, it is safe to assume once again that Bungie started with a pattern they were going to use. They made a golden BOB on Winter Contingency, and then they made a white BOB with rotating armor on ONI, and then Nightfall was probably going to have another unique BOB but Bungie realized it would just be easier to have just golden BOBs on the levels and they left in the white BOB just because they didn't want to go back and take him out.

Q: How do you know if a Banshee is a BOB Banshee?

A: As seen in the daily challenge Golden Tree City, we had to kill a BOB that was flying fast and low on New Alexandria. A BOB Banshee never stops boosting, it flies very quickly, and it's damage resistance is very high. These Banshees are hard to kill, period. Keep your eyes in the sky and always look for Banshees that act as I described above. Most BOB Banshees come into a level, and then leave the level a few seconds later. They don't stick around long, kind of like how the BOBs run away and disappear.

Q: How about Exodus and New Alexandria? Where are the "walking" BOBs on those two levels?

A: Exodus and New Alexandria are the only two levels with no walking BOBs. These missions have BOB Banshees. New Alexandria has one BOB Banshee that spawns in at 5:00 and Exodus has multiple BOB Banshees toward the end of the mission. Are there walking BOB's on this mission? Who knows. You can search for yourself and try and find these if you like.

Q: If all the BOBs are killed, what happens?

A: The BOBs do not unlock any new armor, this is a known fact since last month when Evil Otto confirmed that Bungie has never seen the BOB helmet. The BOBs, when the requirements are met, whatever they may be, may be apart of the huge missing Easter Egg from Reach. Only time will tell what exactly their purpose is.

Q: What about the Legendary ending?

A: I don't know much about the Legendary ending theories, but it's safe to assume there is no Legendary ending. The BOBs have nothing to do with a Legendary ending, I don't see how they even could have something to do with one.

Q: How about sky jacking the BOB Ban...

A: I all ready answered this question.

More Q&A to come, so watch this spot!


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