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The GRD Helmet


       Well, it's official, the Halo Universe has gone crazy. The fabled BOB Helmet was said to be seen yesterday during Bungies "Bungie vs The World" livestream under the name of GRD. There are many theories surrounding the helmet, how to unlock it, and if it's actually on the disc waiting to be unlocked or not. This post will break some of the theories down and clear up some of your concerns and thoughts.

       This helmet was first seen months ago when it was shown off in multiple IGN screenshots when IGN visited 343 to preview the Defiant Map Pack. Soon, people noted the resemblance of this helmet to the BOBs from Marathon. Theories started to spread far and wide, and soon the whole world was calling this helmet the BOB Helmet. On July 7th, 2011, this helmet was seen in Bungies armory during a livestream and it was named the GRD Helmet.

       There are multiple theories around, and the original theories still stand firm. The first set of theories revolve around the Campaign BOBs and destroying them in certain orders, or destroying them totally and wiping them out. These theories are the oldest and have yet to be proven false.

       The second set of theories have just sprung up today. Some involve jumping through the holes within the multiplayer map Countdown. Some involve the rings found within the newly found Tribute Room Cave. Either way, these theories are spreading and spreading fast.

       Countdown has a series of holes spread throughout the level and people are trying to connect the holes with the helmet. Some people are saying there is a hidden skull on the level and after obtaining it you unlock the helmet. Countdown is a hot map right now, and this is due to Bungies webcam showing off a single TV sitting in a film of Countdown at one of the holes.

       The Countdown theories go as deep as people seeing the numbers on the radio on the upper level and trying to go through the holes in that order. Tonight, HRS found some interesting codes on the Countdown portion of the Campaign mission, "The Long Night of Solace". This mission contains Countdown, and the codes are as follows:

  • GRD M142008
  • GRD M01408
  • UNSC M0000813
  • 8475-191
  • M0000817
       The first two codes you see contain the GRD abbreviation and that is why people are connecting Countdown to the GRD Helmet. HRS will keep you all updated as we work around the clock to search and find more evidence and videos of the helmet!